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What We're All About

SoundPoint Strings is based in the Suzuki Method of instruction.  We believe–

  • in developed ability, rather than in-born talent
  • that music, like a language, is learned by immersion, small steps, and encouragement
  • that  parents are as vital to the learning process as are the student and the teacher.
The Suzuki method encourages children to play together in group classes.  This is why we include the youngest players in SoundPoint Strings, even though they are not yet reading music.  In Suzuki Group Classes, students reinforce what they’ve learned in private lessons, explore music fundamentals in preparation for reading, and develop the skills of musical interaction.
Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy, along with that of Fred Rogers, Ellen G. White, and the Scriptures, undergirds the Parents’ Circle.  We spend each session of Parents’ Circle exploring our role as practice-parents, cheerleaders, and influencers.
soundpoint strings orchestra on church platform

SoundPoint Strings Advanced Orchestra playing for the church service
at the Collegedale University Church

Music and Motion class is loosely based on the work of Emil Jaques-Dalcroze, Zoltan Kodaly, John Curwen, and Michiko Yurko (Music Mind Games).  Rhythm, pitch, musical form, dynamics, timbre, and tempo are all things we explore away from our instruments, through physical gesture and singing.
The Intermediate and Advanced orchestras take our students to the next levels of musical growth, with reading, ensemble skills, conducting exposure, and the richness of string orchestra repertoire.  Seating is on a rotation basis, and auditions are informal.  We encourage students to experience playing both as obvious leaders (1st chair players) and covert leaders (back-stands).
members of soundpoint strings

Members of the SPS Intermediate Orchestra

Who We Are

SoundPoint Strings was founded in 2021 by three musician-friends passionate about developing the joy of ensemble in children and youth.  Jeremy and Ellen Francisco and Tami King share a vision of musicians of all ages growing their music skills for deeper reasons.   All three are educators for life and passionate musicians in their respective fields.  They have invited several of their former students, now successful teachers and performers, on board to help create SoundPoint Strings.

Why We Started Sound Point Strings

Historically, Collegedale has been a center for string education, and the orchestras in the Collegedale School system are exceptional.  However, this is also an area rich in other educational opportunities, and home-schooling is very popular in this region.  Many string students not affiliated with school orchestras have had no local string ensemble opportunities. SoundPoint Strings fills that need, and is open to all string students regardless of where they go to school.  We currently have members from as far away as Pikeville, TN and Ellijay, GA.

How We Make It Happen

SPS orchestra rehearsal
Orchestra Rehearsals
Children playing violins
Group Classes
child and teacher with violins
Individual Attention


SoundPoint student concert

SoundPoint Strings Intermediate Orchestra in concert

SPS students in concert

Members of the SPS Advanced Orchestra in concert